Supplerende uddannelse og kursus

2013              PRINCE2® Foundation

2013              Projektledelse Akademiniveau

2006             NLP selvcoaching (www.mannaz.com)

2002             University of Cambridge examination (kursus i engelsk)

2001              IT Projektledelse 1 + 2 + 3 (www.mannaz.com)

2000             Projektledelse introduktion del 1 + 2 (www.mannaz.com)

2000             Management – Ledarskabsutbilding Bonniers Medie Universitet Stockholm *)

1997              Management Basic – Gundlæggende Ledertræning (www.mannaz.com)


1981              Matematisk Student fra Schneekloth Gymnasium

*) Ledarskabsutbilding – Bonnier Media University Stockholm creates networks for employees in Bonnier’s media world. The university’s task, supported by the Groups common values, is to transcend boundaries and tear down the walls between countries, media and occupational roles, and to provide a forum for creative meetings characterized by an open and free competition between media companies ultimately comes down to the ability to attract, develop and retain talented employees.

Bonnier aims to attract the best employees by creating opportunities for growth and development within the company. Bonnier Media University arranges training courses and seminars with a focus on publishing, management, marketing and business development.

Strong leaders attract passionate people. Passionate people need strong leaders

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